We are a  recruitment office for the Netherlands, with extensive experience in the field of metal fabrications in Romania. Dutch Works is a member of the Dutch Hutten Group, which has been active in the field of metal constructions in Sibiu County.

The goal of Dutch Works is a serious collaboration, based on mutual respect and continuity. We want a long-term collaboration with serious people.

At the moment we have 60 people who left with Dutch Works and are working in the Netherlands. We want a healthy and stable growth, we want to send people who know what they want and who respect their professional commitments.

Despre noi

Throughout the time spent in Romania, Hutten Group noticed the growing demand of Romanians to work abroad and also the very high demand for workers from the Netherlands. Thus, through constant monitoring of the labor market and its requirements, SC Dutch Works SRL was born, based in Sibiu.

Under Dutch patronage, with an administrator of Dutch origin - Deborah Leferink, who also has experience in the field of metal garments, being part of the team that worked in the factory in Sibiu and with her new colleague from Romania - Denisa Câmpean, who brings with her the experience recruitment in the Romanian market, Dutch Works set out to create a link between the two labor markets - the Dutch and the Romanian. On the one hand there are the Dutch companies that are expanding and have more and more work and on the other hand there are Romanians who want a stable job with a satisfactory salary. Dutch Works unites these two markets, being the contact between candidates and Dutch companies.